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Who would win this 4 man middleweight tournament?

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Darren Barker, Matthew Macklin, Andy Lee, Martin Murray???

For me, Barker.
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Macklin win's, he's the most complete fighter out of all four, and his style favour's him in fights against the other three. He can box a bit, bang a bit and is an experienced and tough operator.

Against Barker he'd be facing a fighter with slightly better skills, but I think if Macklin were to put the pressure on him consistenly, he could break Barker down int he later rounds and potentially stop him.

Against Lee, a rangy boxer puncher, he would have to eat some leather as he works his way inside and id consider Andy to be the hardest puncher out of the group. I think once Mack weather's Lee's early start, he could get to Andy, who;s stamina and durability has to be called into question, and stop him in the late.

Murray would be an interesting fight, but he's by far the easiest opponent to beat. He's really a consistent pressure fighter who really rely's on a good work rate to rack up points and score knockouts, But Macklin, along with begin a better pressure fighter, with a better selection of shots and more speed/power also has the edge in boxing skill, and ultimately I think would win by fairly easy decision.

All good fight's though, and id like to see any combination of these four in the ring together.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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