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Who's going to heading to the Hatton fight?

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If this actually comes off, who's going to head up to sunny Manchester for it? Possible CHB piss-up?

Hopefully Quigg-Munroe will be on the card which will force my hand. The chance to watch Hatton still means I'll be going, but the Quigg fight would be the icing on the cake.
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Maybe, depends on the opponent and undercard. I was never really a Hatton fan though.
I have no choice being a Manc and all, so I'll definitely be heading over, as I work Saturday's I can't go to anything further afield, if anything I'm going for Quigg-Munroe if its on.
If you can get tickets!!!
Truth. Any idea when they'll be on sale? I get paid Friday and think a substantial amount will be needed to pick a few tickets together.

Anyone got any idea on best positioning at MEN? I was thinking down the side first tier? Always seemed decent enough for concerts.
Got tickets for lower tier anyway, its two of my mates 21st's that week so should be good do regardless. As long as they put together a half decent undercard it will be worth it.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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