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Who's next for Bellew?

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Is there anything in the works at the moment? I heard there were talks about Dawson before he beat Bolonti. Not sure how likely that is but to be fair, Hearn is pretty good at that stuff.

What I'm desperate to see is Cleverley to rematch him. Doubt that happens with the whole Warren-Bellew-Hearn thing. Since their fight Bellew has had the tougher opposition and has improved a fair bit. It was really close last time and an intriguing clash of styles so I'd love to see it again.

What's the rumours then? Who's next?

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Theres loads I wouldnt mind him in with. Even away from the champs/elite guys I like to see him in with Gutneckt, Campillo, Chilemba, White, Fonfara etc
Gutneckt! Yes, I'd like this, though he's fighting Brahmer in February. It'd be good for Bellew to fight the winner and get the EBU title.
Reckon he could force the fight with shumenov? If he wins that he'd be in a much better position to push for a cleverly rematch. Highly unlikely situation but still possible
That's a great shout. What's the politics like with that one? Are there things that would get in the way of making it happen?
I think the only thing that would get in the way would be te fight having to happen in the states and perhaps bellew getting a quite small purse, but for a world title those things shouldn't be a problem for Hearn or bellew because he becomes 10x more marketable if he's a world champ
Yeah Bellew seems like the sort of guy who would accept a smaller purse for that big a fight.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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