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Who's the greatest amateur ever?

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Who is the best amateur boxer ever? You can judge it how you want, be that medal haul or performance or whatever. Is it Papp? Stevenson? Savon? Kindelan? Or maybe even Rigondeaux or Lomachenko? Or do people think people like Ray Leonard, Whitaker or Roy Jones etc deserve an honourable mention for good perfomances in Olympics?

Personally I favour ones that consistently perform over various tournaments but can't pick a no. 1, if pushed I'd say Papp
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Lomachenko is an amazing fighter, I watched him a fair bit and he is the business. He's a double Olympic champion, Euro champ, doulble world champ and world silver medallist - not bad for a 24 year old. Not only that but he's pretty much beaten everybody around multiple times.

he's now in WSB which will only help him transfer better into the pros. I think he's doing that as he wants to be a triple Olympic champ and they are in the middle of turning it so certain pros can fight in the Olypics so I think he's just waiting to assess his options.

The best have been mentioned. I fI could add some one it would be Mark Breland who was shit hot as an amateur as well.
Here's some records for you to look at:

Oscar De La Hoya: 223 - 5
Manny Pacquiao:60-4
Marco Antonio Barrera: 100-4
Muhammad Ali: 100-5, or 99-8, 134-7, 137-7
Floyd Mayweather: 84-6
Pernell Whitaker: 201-13
Donald Curry: 400-4
Roy Jones Jr. 121-13
what do you think is the best?
Edit: I got alot of amateur records from all time greats/ not so greats.
Felix Savon (358-17)
Teofilo Stevenson (302-20)
Laszlo Papp (301-12-6)
Terry Norris (291-4)
Virgil Hill (250-11)
Mike McCallum (240-10)
Kennedy McKinney (214-13)
Pernell Whitaker (201-14)
John Mugabi (195-5)
Vitali Klitschko (195-15)
Leon Spinks (181-9)
Sugar Ray Leonard (165-5)
Danny Romero (127-5)
Wilfredo Benitez (123-6)
Harry Arroyo (120-15)
Nino Benvenuti (119-1)
Jose Napoles (113-1)
Mark Breland (110-1)
Kid Chocolate (100-0)
Muhammad Ali (100-5)
Vinny Pazienza (100-12)
Meldrick Taylor (99-4)
Michael Carbajal (94-9)
Michael Spinks (93-7)
Tony Zale (87-8)
Sugar Ray Robinson (85-0)
Carlos Monzon (79-7)
Hector Camacho (75-4)
Maurice Blocker (73-3)
Roger Mayweather (64-4)
Simon Brown (63-2)
Willie Pep (62-3)
Yoko Gushiken (62-3)
Naseem Hamed (62-5)
Ingemar Johansson (61-10)
Alexis Arguello (58-2)
Wilfredo Gomez (58-2-1)
Henry Armstrong (58-4)
Marvin Hagler (55-1)
Felix Trinidad (51-6)
Joe Louis (50-4)
Azumah Nelson (50-2)
Michael Moorer (48-16)
Ray Mancini (43-7)
Ezzard Charles (42-0)
Nigel Benn (41-1)
Floyd Patterson (40-4)
Ricardo Lopez (37-1)
Benny Lynch (35-2)
Carlos Zarate (33-0)
Iran Barkley (30-4)
Edwin Rosario (30-2)
Vito Antuofermo (29-1)
Bobby Czyz (24-2)
Chiquita Gonzalez (23-0)
Jesse James Leija (23-5)
Chris Eubank (19-7)
Rocky Marciano (9-4)
Jeff Lacy (209-12)
Evander Holyfield (160-14)
Wladimir Klitschko (134-6)
Zab Judah (110-5)
Erik Morales (108-6)
Diego Corrales (105-12)
Acelino Freitas (74-2)
Rosendo Alavarez (66-12)
Kassim Ouma (60-3)
Marco Antonio Barrera (56-4)
Ike Quartey (50-4)
Vivian Harris (45-5)
Juan Manuel Marquez (44-2)
Manuel Medina (40-6)
Jorge Arce (37-3)
Montell Griffin (36-5)
Antonio Margarito (21-3)
James Toney (20-2)
Jean-Marc Mormeck (13-2)
Nikolai Valuev (12-3)
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