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Who's the greatest amateur ever?

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Who is the best amateur boxer ever? You can judge it how you want, be that medal haul or performance or whatever. Is it Papp? Stevenson? Savon? Kindelan? Or maybe even Rigondeaux or Lomachenko? Or do people think people like Ray Leonard, Whitaker or Roy Jones etc deserve an honourable mention for good perfomances in Olympics?

Personally I favour ones that consistently perform over various tournaments but can't pick a no. 1, if pushed I'd say Papp
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I'm unsure.

I'd say it's Rigo since I'm pretty sure he actually beat everyone he ever faced.
Rigo's up with a very good shout, I think Lomachenko as well, one loss avenged twice in 400 odd bouts is not bad going. I met him and got a photo I was chuffed :lol: love watching Lomachenko, he could be a pro world champ in 5 fights :deal
lomachenko has a style well suited to pro fighting. He could be a very successful transition.
How old is he?

And yes a record like that would have been disputed. There's that guy who disputed Robinson's am achievements. McFarland had massive hype and someone came forward to dispute his record.

This is how people get names "lomachenko was never able to beat me".

What's his actual achievements read like?
Double Olympian in 2 divisions? Only 24? Still plenty of time to have a pro career, what's he waiting for?
When is the wsb season over? I don't have a clue how that works at all tbh :lol:
I've seen him fight, he looks awesome. I just dunno much about the wsb.
He looked shite against Cordoba. Was very close and could easily have gone the other way
Might rewatch it and let you guys k ow what I think :good
:lol: yeah fuck it I'll just take your guys word for it haha
Between lomachenko, Rigo, Papp and Savon.

I favour the former two as opposed to the latter two.
that's why I'm inclined to go with rigo and lomachenko they just look incredible. Watching them in the games had you wondering if any pro even had a chance of beating them.
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