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Personally, I like Ruiz's chances against Wilder. Ruiz has shown he can take a good punch and climb back off the canvas to do damage to his opponent, and let's not kid ourselves into thinking a Wilder/Ruiz fight will be a boxing match.

It will be a war for as long as it lasts, and that suits Ruiz just fine from his 2 outings with AJ. The first bout was a fight with bombs being thrown often, the second was a boxing clinic put on by AJ who just played the "stick and move" tactic to win a UD.

Wilder has no such boxing skills in his arsenal and just looks to load up on that big right hand shot to finish off opponents.

I really think Ruiz has the style to beat Wilder------IF he comes into the fight in shape and not like he did against AJ in their second bout. Wilder is pretty easy to hit once a fighter gets inside those long arms and has shown he gets to stepping in postholes when tagged with a good shot, and Ruiz is a finisher when his opponents are hurt.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts