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Not sure what Wilder is playing at? He says Joe Joyce would be a much tougher opponent than Andy Ruiz. Now he may well be right but is that any way to promote a fight between himself and Ruiz?
Maybe he's not looking to fight Ruiz Jr, he's under no obligation to do so furthermore going that route if successful throws him back in front of a man who's beaten him twice by KO in his own country. I wouldn't be rushing to go that route either so since he knows he can't beat Fury the sensible thing to do would be to pursue the belts that Usyk is holding. Beating Joyce would put him right there and of course he's called Usyk out too so if he can skip Joyce even better from his pov.

Ruiz Jr vs Sanchez is a perfectly fine matchup if Wilder decides to go elsewhere. It's about time Sanchez moved into position for Fury (or had the chance to I should say). Final eliminator next for the Cuban please!
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