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Who wins and by what method

  • Wilder by KO

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  • Wilder on Pts

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  • Helenius on Pts

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  • Helenius by KO

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Wilder vs Helenius - 15th Oct

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Wilder taking a nice easy fight in his attempted comeback. Helenius isn't a complete nobody but if Wilder still has the one punch I would expect an Ortiz-esque win for Wilder lose every second of 4,5 or 6 rounds before KO'ing the Finn with one punch. I wonder what ridiculous price for PPV this will be 馃ぃ
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He's back!

Damn near took three minutes for Helenius to get up onto the stool lol I really don't know how Fury got up each and every time, if Usyk eats a clean shot from Wilder it's goodnight.

Ruiz Jr up next. I hear Frank Sanchez followed Ryan Garcia out of Reynoso's gym, I wonder what the problem was
Reynoso was not giving them enough one to one time. Had them working with assistants. So Garcia, Sanchez and Andy Ruiz jr all went elsewhere.
Well I hope Sanchez doesn't have the same problem now since he's only gone and followed Garcia and I would imagine Garcia will be the main focus given his potential and drawing power. Imagine going to Canelo's gym and expecting not to be working with assistants most of the time, there's only 24hours in a day and Canelo is always in the gym I hear. Anyway I hope it works out for them all
The gym is in San Diego and Canelo spends his time inbetween fights in
Mexico with his family. From what I read Reynoso himself would make frequent trips back to Mexico when Canelo was not in camp, and other fighters had to make do with the Assistants.

No Joe Goosen is a professional and he is known for giving his fighters the time. After 40 years of top level coaching he has probably forgotten more then Reynoso will ever learn.

Reynoso is just a one hit wonder type of coaches who gets a name from training one fighter and does not accomplish much other then that. These type of coaches occasionally appear on the scene like that trainer Jack Loew who trained Kelly Pavlik.

Incidentally Oscar Delahoyas break down of relationship with Canelo began when he publically criticised Reynosos coaching skills.
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And that's the problem I have with so many of the fights being aired today. Everybody thinks they are worthy of PPV status. That internet ass clown Jake Paul fighting nobodies, Floyd Mayweather fighting less than nobodies, Wilder who's record for his last 5 fights is 3-2-1 all on PPV.

The biggest shock of that fight from the small clip I saw was Helenius getting KO'd by a counter left hook that didn't look to be all that well thrown from the angle of the video clip in this thread.
The above clip and its angle posted you could say is an optical illusion. The left hook was a follow up punch and it actually missed. The right hand landed right on the button.

Here is a different angle.

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Woah. I think everybody missed that. It makes a lot more sense now.

Still, Nice to see Wilder attacking after being pushed back, and also throwing combos again. Heck, he was even using jabs to keep Helenius at distance,
Maybe Malik Scott is a better trainer than we thought.
The veteran coach Don House has had a full camp as part of Wilders team.

In previous fight with Fury he was only brought in during the last 3 weeks.
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