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Wilfredo Gomez in Bad health

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Associated Press

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Former Puerto Rican world champion boxer Wilfredo Gomez is in critical condition in a hospital following respiratory failure, a family spokesman said Wednesday.

Erick Rodriguez told The Associated Press that the 56-year-old Gomez, widely considered to be the best Puerto Rican fighter in history, is struggling to recover from a lung infection.

"The next 72 hours are going to be crucial," Rodriguez said. "He's in danger of contracting pneumonia."
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ESB Article - Harder When It's Over: The Rise and Fall of Wilfredo Gomez

Saw this this morning. Hope he pulls though.
Yeah, I noticed you got it in the main section after I posted on historic. Always sad when sporting icons are in bad way, I hope he will will come good.

Here is a pic I got from other site & scaled down. He put on some weight

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