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Will Burns defend on Saturday?

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Abril got postponed because of the opponent, then Rees. Will Burns be next?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing - 3 top light weights all could have fought each other and maybe no fight for any
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I just hope that January 26th date doesn't get set in stone. Broner's got February 9th to fight him, all ready to go, top undercard and everything in a HUGE event. I just can't be sold an Ocampo grudge match or a fight with Derry Mathews instead. I really like Mathews but that's no replacement for a huge showdown with Broner stateside.
Yeah im hoping (not holding out much of it though) that the Broner fight gets the green light, hopefully this shambles that Ricky has been put through for this card makes him put his foot down and demand bigger things, this is his chance to get a mega fight against a Ring Magazine top 5 p4p fighter after all :lol:
:lol: I don't know why but I get the feeling that Burns wouldn't get into the P4P rankings for beating him....

Not that Burns could beat him.
Yeah not when you have'nt really got knockout power and you have the judges in your back pocket eh. :yep

I think Broner is a real decent talent but i am still in shock that The Ring Magazine actually sanctioned the p4p list that had Broner as number 5. I know i should'nt be shocked as the mag has went down the shitter and they have an obvious agenda, but number 5 and above Donaire?!? :lol:
Mad isn't it? I'm a big Broner fan and don't have him anywhere near number 5! Ring magazine's gone right down the shitter.
Shit be crazy Lunners. He doesnt even break top 20 for me yet!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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