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April 20 - Heavyweight world champion Wladimir Klitschko has claimed that he wants to compete at the Rio 2016 Olympics, with the International Boxing Association (AIBA) set to discuss the possibility with the Ukrainian superstar.

The 37-year-old from Semipalatinsk is one of the biggest sporting stars on the planet and currently holds the WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight titles.

Meanwhile his older brother Vitali holds the only other major professional title in the division - the WBC championship.

The younger Klitschko, nicknamed "Dr Steel Hammer", has completely dominated the heavyweight competition in the professional ranks since and is now looking to secure a second Olympic gold medal at Rio 2016, having claimed victory in the super heavyweight category at the Atlanta 1996 Olympics.

"It is well known that I really want to take part in the 2016 Olympics," said Klitschko.

"The AIBA is now working on making it possible.

"This is my dream and this was a dream of my late coach Emanuel Steward.

"This is why the next three years I will for sure spend in big boxing".

The move is now on due to AIBA's recent push towards professionalism.

The organisation launched their World Series of Boxing (WSB) tournament in 2010, currently the only competition in the world that allows fighters to compete professionally and retain their Olympic eligibility.

A second tournament - AIBA Professional Boxing (APB) - is due to begin later this year and link to WSB, while headguards have now been removed from all elite men's competitions, including the Olympic Games.

It is through the APB that Klitschko could secure entry to the Olympics, with the age limit for the Games now set at 40, which the Ukrainian will be by the time for Rio 2016.

APB rules say that current pro boxers cannot join if they have had over 20 professional bouts but AIBA have revealed that exceptions can be made for superstar fighters such as Klitschko.

"AIBA has taken note of Wladimir Klitschko's comments about his dream to compete in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games," said an AIBA statement.

"As the boxer will just turn 40 a few weeks before these Games, he will still be eligible as elite men boxer, based on AIBA's rules.

"That said Mr Klitschko will still have to meet a number of other eligibility criteria.

"First of all he will need to be member of an AIBA National Federation.

"Then he will have to join AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) as soon as possible in order to compete in the new AIBA competition programme from its beginning and therefore have a chance to participate in the APB Olympic Qualifying Events in 2015.

"According to APB rules, current pro boxers can join the competition if their record shows less than 20 pro bouts.

"However exceptional cases can be considered depending on the value of the boxer.

"AIBA is looking forward to discussing further with Wladimir."

The move would be a major boost for AIBA in their plans to become a major force in professional boxing in an initiative that already has the professional ranks worried.

The World Boxing Council (WBC), widely considered the sport's leading professional organisation, recently complained to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) about AIBA's move towards professionalism but were told by the Olympic governing body to approach AIBA directly.

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knew this would happen eventually, when they said pros would be involved he mentioned something somewhere about being interested I think, the end of the amateur turnover, I think people will just have 20 or so senior bouts and turn over now, no point staying amateur now
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