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Wlad's Handwraps.

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These don't look right, see how they're stacked up over the knuckles?

Years ago Glenn Catley got knocked out by Dingaan Thobela losing his WBC 12st title. After the fight Chris Sanigar noticed long straight welts on Catley's face and forehead. When they watched footage of fight they saw that Thobela's wraps looked suspicious (very much like Wlad's last night). The WBC agreed and retained Catley as No 1 contender.
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I freely admit that I detest the Klit Bros and go out of my to find fault with them every chance I get, but seriously they look well dodgy. I've been trying to find a picture of Thobela's for comparison without success.
I found a film on Youtube about the Catley v Thobela hand wrap controversy and took this screen cap

Look very similar to Wlad's don't they?
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They act like proper arseholes when it comes to wrapping hands as well. Chisora and Haye had to put up with their antics on the issue...
I know total hypocrites, didn't they kick off about Wach's gloves as well?
Not sure about that Chatty, as well as the suspicious stacking over the knuckles there seems to some string or cord separating the fingers, where's that in the rules you quote?
It's basically this:

With tape over the top
No it's not Haye is wearing training wraps (the red fabric) under the white bandage.

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hard to see on a that pic but that could just be marker - doesnt look like thats sticking out anymore than the wrap
I thought that at first Chatty but look between his little finger and third finger, you can see the cord between them.
Its not the training wraps I'm talking about - its the way they are wrapped.
Haye effectively has his hands double wrapped in that pic, once with red training wraps, once with white bandage and they still aren't as stacked as Wlad's are.
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