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World Top 30 P4P January 2013

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1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
2. Juan Manuel Marquez
3. Andre Ward
4. Nonito Donaire
5. Sergio Martinez
6. Wladimir Klitschko
7. Manny Pacquiao
8. Carl Froch
9. Abner Mares
10. Brian Viloria

11. Timothy Bradley
12. Vitali Klitschko
13. Yuriorkis Gamboa
14. Anselmo Moreno
15. Chad Dawson
16. Orlando Salido
17. Austin Trout
18. Bernard Hopkins
19. Danny Garcia
20. Lucas Matthysse

21. Mikkel Kessler
22. Robert Guerrero
23. Daniel Ponce De Leon
24. Kazuto Ioka
25. Miguel Cotto
26. Daniel Geale
27. Saul Alvarez
28. Tomasz Adamek
29. Yoan Pablo Hernandez
30. Toshiyuki Igarashi
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Where's Roman Gonzalez? He is a cert for a top 15 place, no?

Agree that Froch is too high. Viloria and especially Mares have better recent records (especially if you still rate Moreno).

Matthysse is arguably undefeated, so he should definitely move up
Oh, and Adamek was spanked in his last fight too. He hasn't looked good for years
I scored it to Adamek by one point, but I seem to be in a very small minority with that opinion.
Of the 150 people scoring the fight, I think only 13 had Adamek winning. It was a pure robbery.

As for Gonzalez, he has spanked pretty much everyone he has met. He has a better record than Ioka at the weight for sure. I can't see how you could have Gonzalez below Ioka and Igarashi. Makes no sense to me
I just can't see how anyone could have Ward higher than Donaire.

If Ward had beaten Dawson at 175 (as he should've done) then maybe but Donaire has just as many quality wins but more in number and more titles (regardless of what you think of them) in several weight classes.

Don't get me wrong Ward is exceptional but higher than Donaire? Not for me. Destroying Nishioka in his weight class is a far better weight than destroying a shell of Dawson. The Arce win is better than Bika/Green and just as good as Abraham IMO.

Has he beaten anyone better than Sithsamerchai? Why hasn't he ever unified?
You're holding it against him because he hasn't unified? Even tho he is a two weight world champion? Yet you have Gamboa just outside of the top 10, despite his inactivity? I just don't understand the logic of not having one of the hardest hitting p4p fighters, who is a two weight world champion, undefeated and has blasted through pretty much everyone in the division, but you'd have someone like Hopkins who has had 1 meaningful win in 3 years, and Adamak who was soundly dominated by Cunningham, Vitali and was probably beaten by a one armed Arreola and Eddie Chambers
Donaire definitely above Ward

Mares definitely above Froch
Mares is a cheating shit, Froch is the epitomy of everything good about the sport, which is criteria enough for me to have Froch higher
I love Froch. But I think Mares has shown his quality. The first Agbeko fight was sad to watch, but he has proven he is a good fighter. Plus I didn't really rate Bute
im only messing Mares is good, and i backed Froch to beat Bute but i still rated Bute as a top operator, but theres a gap between top operators and Carl Froch, I think its too early to put Mares definitely above him (i wouldnt shout and scream if he was though) but hes only one or two big wins away
You're 100% right there isn't much in it. I think Moreno is better than Bute which steals it for me. Both superb obviously
He has lost 3 of his last 5 imo
Yup. Cunningham, Chambers and a one armed Arreola (I think he injured his arm anyway)

Actually, looking it up, Arreola was a while ago. Throw Vitali into the mix
Yes, I do hold it against him. Minimumweight and Light Flyweight are arguably the two most insignificant weight divisions in boxing, he really should be unifying the titles.

Hopkins has many major wins in his career. Gonzalez has a good win against Niida over 4 years ago, with no single big win since, only a lot of decent opponents.

Hopefully the fight against Ioka happens, so he can make it clear whether he deserves to be considered a top P4P fighter or not.
Wait, so you don't hold those weight classes in high regard, but you have Ioka in there? Despite Gonzalez winning the same number of titles and having more title defences. Don't get it.

Hopkins does have an outstanding résumé, but isn't p4p a list on the best boxers right now?
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