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Your Prizefighter pick?

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My wildcard prediction is Lewison. Younger fighter with fire in his belly, has a good background in the unpaid ranks fighter over the shorter distance
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Audley's got no chance. :lol: Absolutely none.
I think he is a stone wall finalist myself
I think Bertino will beat him in the first round. He's not that good but he's still got solid enough boxing skills to be able to outwork Audley over 3 rounds IMO. Then I don't see Audley beating Rogan or Sosnowski in the semis either.
I think Harrison stops Bertino, and after watching Rogan in his last few outings, he'll be beaten by Audley too, should he get passed Sos (not a given).

Looking forward to it more than the price fight
I like the look of the undercard for the Price fight though. Satchell/Wilton and Hamilton/Williams could be interesting.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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